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How To Sell Your Car Quickly In 4 Simple Steps?

How to Sell Your Car Quickly in 4 Simple Steps
  1. Gather all the necessary paperwork
  2. Conduct market research to set the market price
  3. Make the car look good
  4. Create Ad online

Here is how you can sell your vehicle by reducing the stress and maximizing the cash.

Gather All The Necessary Paperwork

Before you can even think about putting the car on the market, it’s important to locate the following paperwork.

Vehicle’s title: The car’s title is a document proving your car ownership; without this document, you cannot sell your vehicle legally.

Loan papers: If you have taken a vehicle loan, you should have the documents relating to it as the prospective buyer will be asking about such details.

Visit QLD’s Department of Transport and Main Roads website – Check with Queensland’s government’s website to understand the process to transfer registration of the vehicle both in person or online. It can guide you regarding what forms should be filled in which stage. And you can also get information regarding refunds on the number plate.

Get vehicle history: Getting the registration history of a vehicle history is quite easy in QLD. All you have to do is visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website or download the Rego check app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Conduct Market Research To Set The Market Price

The only way you will get a reasonable price for your vehicle is to correctly estimate the value of your car and set an attractive asking price. Either you can go to the QLD car market and conduct a survey or use reliable websites such as CarSales and AutoTrader to get an estimate for your car’s value.

Then after knowing the range, your vehicle model is being sold at, you can set a price for your vehicle. It’s important to fix your car’s price a little above the current market value. That way, even after negotiation, you will receive a good amount for your car.

Make The Car Look Good

No prospective buyer will be impressed with your car if it’s littered with empty cans and food wrappers. No buyer would want to look at your vehicle and go, “I would have to spend a lot of time cleaning this car”. That’s why try cleaning the car a bit before showing it to the buyers.

You don’t have to fix everything about the vehicle, but start with a wash and vacuum the interior thoroughly. After that, if you have the time, try fixing small dents and scratches on the surface, and for the cherry on top, spray some car fresheners in the car for that new car feel.

Create Ad Online

Before an ad can be placed on various sites available online – take a lot of pictures. Good high-quality photos will ensure the buyer that the vehicle is in good condition and the seller is reliable. It’s important to make your vehicle stand out from other ads, so take pictures of the vehicle parked in good locations and choose the time with the best lighting.

Most sellers take good photos of the exterior but forget about the interior. So please don’t make that mistake, as it can be a deal-breaker for some customers. Take clear photos of the driver’s seat, trunk, backseats, engine, tire, and odometer.

Here are some reliable places to place your ads in:

  • Carsales
  • CarsGuide
  • AutoTrader
  • CarConnect
  • Facebook marketplace

Soon by following the above steps, you will find many buyers interested in purchasing your vehicle. It’s always better to let the buyer’s test drive the vehicle in a safe location, preferably a mall parking lot or any other public place. Once they have agreed to purchase the car, negotiate the price and always make sure that you repeat the numbers, so there won’t be any misunderstandings.

Once the sale is made, the only thing left is canceling your insurance and getting a refund on your car number plate.

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