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    A Leading Gold Coast Subaru Vehicle Buyer

    Eight Most Reported Issues with Subaru Vehicles in Gold Coast

    Like any other vehicle brand, Subaru has its share of issues.

    Here are some of the most common issues why people would tend to sell my Subaru.

    Fuel Pump Failure

    Rapid Battery Discharge

    Unintentional Acceleration

    Cracking of Windshields

    Star-link Issues

    Switch Defects

    Electrical Failures

    Besides, the older vehicles also reported issues such as excessive oil consumption, transmission failure, faulty brake light switch, head gasket problems, and low power. 

    The Good Side of Subaru Vehicles?

    • Subaru Vehicles are deemed the longest-lasting cars on the road. In fact, there are only a few brands matching them in terms of longevity.
    • Their reliability stands unmatched, with ratings as high as 3.5 and 4.0. And, with regular maintenance these cars can last decades on the road.
    • Another major plus point lies in its safety. Subaru vehicles always top the driver/passenger safety list.
    The Good Side of Subaru Vehicles?
    The 10 Most Popular Subaru Models

    The 10 Most Popular Subaru Models

    • Forester (SUV)
    • Impreza Sport (Hatchback)
    • Impreza (Hatchback)
    • Impreza G4 (Sedan)
    • Legacy Touring Wagon (Wagon)
    • Legacy B4 (Sedan)
    • Outback (SUV)
    • Trezia (Hatchback)
    • Sambar Truck (Truck)
    • Impreza XV (SUV)

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