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Sell your car to carz for cash company. Since we buy any make or model. It is easy for you to get rid of your car anywhere in Gold Coast.

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    Welcome To The Home Of Buying Cars

    You get instant payments for cash for cars gold coast and various complementary services that make selling vehicles easy.

    Car selling has become a challenging task nowadays. Unlike the good old days, you can’t just put up a banner on your car and get good buyers. Now you need to advertise in various locations and be ready to deal with buyers making lowball offers. With Carz For Cash, you will find none of that.

    We respect our customers’ time and make sure the car selling process is as streamlined as possible. We purchase all variety vehicles from all over Australia and provide customers cash in hand without any delay. That’s right. As soon as the customer hands over the key, we instantly pay them to cash up to $8,500. We do not sell vehicles but sell used auto parts at our branches.

    To sell your car in QLD and receive a FREE car removal service, contact us.

    No.1 Cars For Cash Service in Queensland
    Car Towing Made Simple And FREE

    Towing Becomes Simple & Free With Us

    We provide FREE car removal in Gold Coast from homes, offices, parking lots, roadside, etc. Wherever your car is, we will remove it without any hassle.

    Towing charges can be very high in QLD. They range anywhere from $110 to $440 or higher. Paying such high prices is not ideal for scrap car owners, which causes them to abandon their vehicles. We don’t want our customers to leave their cars roadside without getting paid.

    That’s why no matter where your car is, we will come to you and offer FREE car removal. Whether your vehicle is parked at your home or broke down on the highway, just ring us, and we will arrive in no time. We have hired trained tow truck drivers capable and well-equipped to handle various vehicles, including cars, trucks, busses, Utes, commercial vehicles, caravans, and electric vehicles only.

    So now you have no excuse to dump your car without getting paid! Fill our quote form and receive up to $8,500 in instant cash for cars Gold Coast.

    Straightforward Process To Sell Your Car

    By just following the steps below you can sell your car within a day!

    What Makes Us Different From All The Other Cash For Car Businesses? 

    • Our quotes are based on hard data 

    Carz For Cash’s quotes is developed by analyzing your vehicle’s price in the QLD market and taking into account its condition.

    • Trained and experienced staff  

    All of our staff are trained in their respective fields and offer impeccable services to the customers.

    • Up-to-date equipment

    From our branches to our wrecking facilities, all are equipped with the latest and the best equipment. They enable us to provide top-class services to our customers anytime, anywhere.

    • Customer service is available online and offline 

    Clients can visit our branches and learn more about our services, or simply talk to our agents online.

    • No hidden fees are charged from customers

    We charge no hidden fees from our customers. All of our services are FREE of cost.

    • Straightforward process to sell an unwanted vehicle 

    We have developed simple steps which customers can follow to sell their cars. Our procedures are streamlined and straightforward so customers get cash for their unwanted cars allover Gold Coast.

    • Fast and FREE car removal 

    Carz For Cash offers FREE car towing service all over QLD and other areas like we offer cash for car service in Gold Coast, Robina, Molendinar, etc.

    What We Do With The Cars We Buy?

    Sometimes the cars we buy are not good enough to export or not worthy enough to put them back on road. In this case, we sell parts to make money. Thats why we also sell parts and provide good offers to cars that are for scrap.

    We buy the following conditions of cars:

    We salvage all of the usable auto parts from these cars and resell them. These components are taken out of the vehicle and are checked to ensure their functionality and sold at reasonable prices at our branches.

    We have an inventory of more than 15,000+ car parts. So if you are looking for a high-quality spare part, reach out to our customer service agents, and they will provide you with all the information regarding the purchase of these parts.

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